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Properties of LP Gas

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Approximate Properties of LP-Gases
(Commercial Propane)

Chemical formula C3H8
Molecular weight 44.094
Initial Boiling point at 14.7 psia, degrees F -44.0
Specific heat of liquid, Btu/lb. at 60 
degrees F
Specific gravity, liquid at 60 degrees F 0.504
Specific gravity, vapor at 60 degrees F 1.5
Cubic ft. of vapor per gallon at 60 
degrees F
Cubic ft. of vapor per pound at 60
degrees F
Weight per gallon of liquid at 60 degrees F 4.2 pounds
Ignition temperature 920 1,120 degrees F
Maximum flame temperature in air 3,595 degrees Fahrenheit
Flammability Limits in air (percent of vapor in air-gas mixture Lower: 2.15
Upper: 9.6
Heat value per cubic foot of vapor 2,516 Btu
Heat value per pound of liquid 21,591 Btu
Heat value per gallon of liquid 91,547 Btu
Latent heat of vaporization at boiling point Btu per pound:  184
Btu per gallon:  773
Total heating values after vaporization Btu per cubic foot:  2,488
Btu per pound:  21,548
Btu Per gallon:  91,502
Vapor pressure in psig   70 degrees F:  127
100 degrees F:  196
105 degrees F:  210
130 degrees F:  287


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