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Sunglo Patio Heater

Sunglo Portable Outdoor Propane Patio Heater

Sunglo A270 Stainless Steel Patio HeaterThe Model A270 is a practical patio heater for quick applications.  The set up is quit simple and there is no gas lines to plumb.  It burns Liquefied Petroleum Gas (LP) that is available at many gas stations, home clubs or rental store.  It incorporates the use of a standard propane cylinder (the kind you use on most barbeque) for its fuel source.  It cast a 15' diameter of comfort radiant heat.  When heating larger areas place each propane patio heater at 10' - 12' centers.  This give the person in the center an even amount of the outdoor patio heaters intensity. 

The Sunglo Models A270 DSI, A270 G, A270 W and A270 SS are equipped with a continues spark ignition system for ease of lighting.  It has a standing pilot and burns 48,000 btu/h of propaneSunglo A270 Green Patio Heater when on full.  All Sunglo patio heaters have a 100% safety shut off feature that will close the gas valve in the event of being blown out in a strong wind.  The available colors are; White, Green, Silver and Brushed Stainless Steel. 

The Sunglo Model A270 has the same capabilities as the above mention models only you light the pilot with a hand held lighter.  This unit is available in Silver only.

A little known design secret of the A270 is the ease of transportation,  I use it on beach and on camping outings.  It will break down in three pieces; 1.  The Head and post.  2.  Reflector.  3.  Weighted base with decorative cover.  All three fit into your SUV or truck and you only use a screwdriver to loosen one piece.  See the owners manual for more information.


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