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Outdoor Comfort at the speed of light!

Code Name Image Price    
10261 Reflector for all Sunglo Heaters $170.00
22004-1 Burner Assembly S25 FREE SHIPPING! $509.00
22004-2 Burner Assembly S34 FREE SHIPPING! $624.00
22024 Pilot Electrode Assembly $101.00
10264-2 Base Only Silver A270   $187.00
10264-2S Base Only Stainless Steel A270 $249.00
10264-4G Base Only Green A270   $187.00
10264-4W Base Only White A270   $187.00
10273 Decorative Cover Only: Silver $118.13
10273-G Decorative Cover Only: Green $118.13
10298 Control Valve LP $233.00
10299 Control Valve 24V Natural Gas $383.00
10300 Control Valve Natural Gas $309.00
22002 Casing Glossy Black $119.00
22002-4 Casing S/S   $339.00
22006 Door Assembly Black $38.00
22006-4 Door Assembly S/S $38.00
22010 Grill Assembly $137.00
27002-5 Socket Assembly: S/S $248.00
27006 Emitter Grid Assembly $274.00

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